Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wild Inspiration Subcription Boxes

I had the privilege of trying out the April Wild Inspiration Box, a subscription service for the outdoor adventure loving dude. I had somehow expected something for children, because, you know, that's what I tend to write about, but this is definitely more for the grown up audience.

The box is shaped to fit through most letterboxes so for once I didn't have to drive 6 miles to my nearest post depot, and it's got a nifty way to open it (which I totally missed doh). So what's in it I'm sure you wonder by now, and it's a quite varied range of items.

Most eye catching is Alastair Humphrey's book "Grand Adventures", which is beautifully designed and will keep the adventure lover busy reading for weeks. It's an inspiring book and really good read, also perfect for dipping in and out if that's your preferred way of reading.

The energy bar from The Primal Pantry was really rather yummy, apparently it's all paleo not that I'm particularly fussed about the paleo craze, I do like my carbs a bit too much for that. All the more surprising that it tasted really good!

The 9 year old confiscated the shiny multipurpose tool, a credit card sized item that is a new take on the swiss army knife (but much lighter!).

There's more Alastair Humphreys in the form of a mapazine, a magazine that comes in the shape of a map - quirky and definitely eye catching (though I'm not a big fan of all that folding and if there's one thing I love about smart phones it's that I don't have folded up maps in my pocket anymore - so the format isn't for me but I appreciate it's quirky and something different)

To round things off , there's a lovely picture card with an inspirational quote, perfect for display on the fridge or similar for daily inspiration.

I'd be keen to find out what future boxes will bring, so far it looks like a must have for the serious, north face of Ben Nevis climbing adventurer, as well as the stay at home and read a lot armchair adventurer.

This month's box according to the Wild Inspiration Facebook page contains this: "This month we bring you Inge Wegge's latest movie Bear Island, a dry bag for your mobile and small valuables, handwarmers to keep your fingers toasted, a TREK bar to keep you going, a small bag off organic popcorn to enjoy while you watch the movie, an inspirational quote from Inge and our Newsletter.
The film is available to download from our website and keep forever if you have subscribed to our boxes."


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