Saturday, 23 January 2010

Of birds and buttons (Review)

I'm not having my best time blogging at the moment. Partly it's due to a rather busy time at work, I'm shattered in the evening and just about manage to read blogs, not to write anything. There's a few posts waiting, such as one that's waiting for two buttons to be sewn on a dress, just that I can't remember where I put the beautiful buttons I'd bought for it.

So in the absence of my usual witty self (ahem), how about a long over due review? Ah go on, you must be up for it, haven't done one in a long time!

Well, the Cartside home has been sent the most recent instalment of 3rd & Bird DVDs, A very squooky Christmas. Don't worry, it's not all christmassy and the DVD is definitely full of stuff that's all good for the non Christmas time, i.e. most of the year. To be fair, we didn't manage to watch it before Christmas (or if we did, I wasn't party) and Cubling was rather pleased to get a Christmas story even after we'd cleared away all (ok, most) of the Christmas decoration and defered Christmas book back to cupboards.

3rd and Bird rocks. Or rather, tweets and sqooks. Cubling loves it, she sings along, interacts when she sees it, loves the poster that came it and is generally a big fan. She's not 3 yet, so not even the target age which I believe is more like 3-5 years. 3rd and Bird, in case you don't know, is a community of birds, who all live on the same tree, their neighbourhood. They help each other out where they can and generally are a very happy, picture perfect community of birds. And who wouldn't like to live in such a lovely environment? So the birds teach us about how to help each other, how to achieve things together if on your own it doesn't quite work, and I don't cease to be amazed at how a simple children's programme actually explains something we're trying to do at work much more eloquently.

The images are beautiful, colourful yet not too simplistic. And there's lots and lots of singalong songs. Cubling hums, sings and dances, she loves music and that definitely also attracts her to 3rd & Bird.

The DVD has 90 minutes worth of stories and extras, and most episodes aren't seasonal. It's a definite thumbs up and I'm sure it's going to last us until next Christmas so that the sqooky Christmas gets another instalment too. Don't forget to check out 3rd & Bird's webpage, where the image is taken from.

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Dan said...

Have you seen wonderpets? it's made by the same people (although hasn't been dubbed into english accents like 3rd & bird) and is even better in my opinion.



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