Monday, 29 August 2011


Almost a year ago, I was given a present from some lovely people.
It has weathered the coldest winter that I've witnessed in Scotland. In a pot. This spring, it was given its place of honour, beside the gate of our tiny front garden, welcoming everyone to our home. We watched in anticipation as it blossomed and grew little fruit.
And now, the fruit are ripe. I managed not to kill it, instead it's given us a bountiful crop, especially considering its the first year.

Snowflake loves the plums. Cubling, as with every fruit, won't eat them but admires them nonetheless. If you're German, plum go with cake but I'm not that German as to go for a traditional recipe (because you can't beat the Brits for their cake recipes). Praise to the glorious internet for giving me possibly the best plum cake recipe ever.

It may pass as the nicest cake I've managed to bake so far.


Nikkii said...

Ooh lucky you - the local greengrocer has Victoria plums in just now and they are SO expensive - I blamed the winter but yours seem to have flourished.

Get Well Soon Flowers said...

What a fantastic present to be given. I will have to remember this for future "special" birthdays new home and wedding presents.



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