Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Last Straw

Dear Blog. I've neglected you recently, I know. I wish I could promise improvement but alas, life is full of surprises and there's not enough time to take note of them all.
  • there are puddles of water in the kitchen and it appears they may have been there for a while considering the expansion of the kitchen units (ok, Mr Cartside, I admit, it was water)
  • there are endless changes in the likelihood of what my working future may look like (and I'm losing track)
  • there is a baby who's teething so bad that she screams day and night (FFS, what IS it about those darn teeth?)
  • there is a photobook to be made and tons of photos to be edited (why oh why did we take that many photos? Are we mad????)
  • there are two adult size cardigans to be knit and that unfinished jumper size 6 months? Well, that baby is 13 months now. Hubby's birthday has been and gone as well and he's still cardiganless.
  • there are about 20 jobs that I'd like to apply for and not enough time in the day to do so (they are all full time and I still don't know at which point in an application process the question around flexible working hours and job share is best asked)
  • there are more adventurous ideas in my head demanding to be explored yet no space and time to do so because ...
  • there's also a rather demanding job that still needs to be done even if it may only be for another two months.
I am not far off losing my mind ever so slightly. I've most definitely reached the point of "mummy can't do that!". Now can some plumbing hero please fix my kitchen?


Muddling Along said...

My goodness that is a list and a half - I can only send virtual hugs and hope that things get better really soon

TheMadHouse said...

That is a really big and serious list



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