Saturday, 28 January 2012

in Wonderland

If given free choice of where to go, there is no hesitation where our trip should be headed. "Alice in Wonderland!" it is to be, and so today, yet again, Cubling and Snowflake were in Wonderland, having tea parties, opening doors and drawers, growing and shrinking, exploring deep holes in the ground that are really only mirrors. I love the way Cubling goes up to total strangers and share her observations full of enthusiasm, and I hate how those strangers simply ignore her and with that, deny the child in themselves.

Admittedly, some of the optical illusions of The Science Centre's Mind works were rather baffling, in spite of explanations and all. I still can't quite get the Ames room. I guess there's no shame in wonder.

And Psst, did you know that the annual membership of the Science Centre is cheaper than 2 visits with the Planetarium? Just saying.

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