Saturday, 28 April 2012

A bedroom for the girls

It's been a long time coming, this bedroom for the girls.

Cubling so far had the box room (which was grand as she's always downstairs with us, so it's never been a play room) and the second bedroom was a study/guest room. After our roof damage we started decorating (ok, we got a decorator to do it for us), the main bedroom first and then the second bedroom.

This was followed by a game of real life traffic jam, as we moved around the furniture with precious little space for movement. Thankfully freecyclers took a few items off our hands, as did Shelter, and some bits and bobs are still to go.

But we're getting there, and at least Cubling has moved into the girls room.
She had been pestering us for months about a bunk bed, and now she's finally moved from her cotbed to the top bunk. The bunk beds were given to us by a friend which was just fab. They also double in function by being a climbing frame - to the top for Miss Cubling, to the bottom bed for Miss Snowflake (although she would go higher if she could).

The whole debate about whether or not to have a wardrobe (and in general whether to have additional furniture for storage which would make the small room under the eaves rather crammed) has for now been decided. Make do and mend all around: the few dresses that can't be folded away will go in our wardrobe (ok there's no room, but there shall be room, there are clothes that I haven't worn in years) - for now their home is the bunk bed rail.  Instead of furniture clogging up wall space, there's wall stickers and decoration (we're half way there putting things up, a name bunting and fairy lights are still missing, as are photo prints and some craft creations). The only storage will be under the bed, and we win space for a wee desk should this be needed for homework and the like.

All around the room looks nothing like what we had planned when we set out. Everything is in a different location. The room is a great collection of things that we've been given over the years. The name bunting from J, the fairy lights from our Munich friends, the fairy dress up wardrobe from N, the farm animal quilt from my Dortmund friend A, the pink blanket was successfully bid from Garterstitch's Centenary of International Women's Day event. The Princess duvet cover was a timely present from one of her forest kindergarten friends. The big butterfly was made last year at the Baby Show at The Creation Station's craft space.

You can see it's a German/British household when the mouse/elephant and Alderley of the Wombles are sitting next to each other. Both have made it from my childhood days to those of my girls, nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia. As for toys, only dressing up stuff and the playhouse/playcastle (both second hand) have made it into the room. Which means we have to contend with the rest...

And you know what? I like it. And so does Cubling. Snowflake too, and maybe soon she'll be ready for the move. Or rather I'll be. Our own bedroom turned out quite nice too, incidentally. And the box room? Ahem. Filled with junk. Work in progress.

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Perogyo said...

I like it too, especially the bicultural dolls!



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