Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Launch

The park is a 20 minute walk from us.
In theory.
But life with children is life in slow motion.
With 4 children, of which two are discovering treasures and shouting words that contain a lot of "poo" and "bum" to one another, one who happily is pushed in a trike and one 20 month old who has to walk all by herself while pushing her dolly pram, the trip to the park took well over 6 hours. And we even took the bus back.

Yes, we only walked to the park. That's what we adults did.
The children, they did an awful lot more.
They picked flowers and explored the pattern of petals.
They collected stones, sticks, tiles, flowers, treasures and what not in their pockets and the trike storage space.
They found bizarre treasures and wondered where they came from and what they can become in their pretend play.
They watched the river run below them.
They watched the ducks swimming on the river.
They pushed toy buggies.
They rode a trike.
They had sword fights with sticks.
They tested the pond for depth.
They collected pond mud.
They climbed on the climbing frames of the swing park.
They went down the chute, hopped on the trampoline and were upset that the swings were forever busy.
They slept (some).
They had picnic in the sunshine.
They played hide and seek.
They fell off picnic benches and bumped their head.
They climbed mountains.
They pretend played with all they found.
They checked which of the sticks collected might float and which might go under.
They found feathers and discovered the different textures at the tip and at the butt end.
And, above all, they launched a purple paper boat.



Maria said...

Ahh beautiful!!

Rainbow Prams said...

Oh bless, all too familiar! Love the fact it's not just my kids! I am not alone! xx

Anonymous said...

What an awesome way to recap a walk. In my mind it is always just a walk to the park but for them it is SO much more. Thanks for making me realize that I need to look at their perspective more often.
And thanks for sharing this with the outdoor play party!

KitchenCounterChronicles said...

Wonderful post! I love the little adventures we have when we are "just" out for a walk. Thanks for linking up at the Outdoor Play Party.



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