Monday, 3 December 2012

A Different Weekend

This was meant to be the weekend of the Christmas Craft Fairs.
Except that at the very end of her first ceilidh, a family ceilidh on St Andrew's Day, fundraising for a school in an earthquake hit town in India, Snowflake graced the carpet of the church hall, right in front of the yummiest cakes, with an expulsion of self same, a sausage, and, as Cubling later explained, blueberries eaten at the childminder about 6 hours earlier.

It was one of those "where's the next hole in the ground please" moments.
I don't get why kids go from totally fine to totally not, and vice versa, in just a minute. I was sure it was just the dancing and jumping about, but what was to follow made it clear that no, it was a proper bug.

Cubling panicked in the car upon expulsion no. 3 declaring she most definitely never wants to have children because she simply hates puke. My suggestion to be a bit more sympathetic for her poor little sister were literally met with deaf ears (held shut, like her eyes and nose, so she wouldn't have to get any sense of what was happening beside her). I should also say it followed on from a discussion in the car en route to the very ceilidh when Cubling had told me that she didn't want to grow up because she didn't want to have children. I tried to explain that she wouldn't automatically have children and could decide not to have any, which of course was followed by a "how so" question that I answered with a certain amount of evasiveness. I wasn't quite sure if she had fully believed me, with a kind of "mummy knows about these things, you don't need to have kids, it doesn't just happen and you can avoid having them" "how?" "that's just how it is" "but how can I avoid having children exactly?" "I'll tell you another time".

And so, we spent the weekend at home. Holding baba (who is really not a baba anymore of course), going for a short walk, cooking and baking, watching films on our trial subscription of Netflix, playing games and doing some Christmassy crafts. And it was ok, even though I had to try a little bit not to feel too sorry for having missed the Christmas Fairs.

This afternoon, Snowflake woke after a long nap (followed by another bad episode of les vomits) and demanded food. Just like that. I was a bit hesitant but truth be told, a switch had been flicked and she was totally fine again.

Mummy shakes head and hopes that this has been it, and it hasn't been passed on.


Dot said...

Ugh. Much sympathy. Well done for such a varied day despite vomiting.

Trudy said...

On so many levels a hillerous response to 'how can I avoid having children' would be to say 'ask your father'.

Tallulah@Bilingual Babes said...

Those questions are so tricky! I had 'What does sexy mean?' a few days ago. I said it was an adult word that didn't mean anything to children...

Tamara Staton said...

It's SO nice to be back to your blog again, after a very long stint of being in my own little world. I've always found your blog to be very entertaining, and still completely appreciate (and wonder!) that so many hits to my site come from yours. Whatever you did, thank you! I don't know that my motivation was directly to repay the favor...more likely because I simply just like your style, your blog all in all, from the content you choose to the style with which you write. But I decided I wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. And did just that. Not sure if you've heard of the award, but either way, you can read about your nomination and my 'acceptance speech' at my post:

It would be great fun if you chose to participate, and nominate your own faves. But either way, enjoy the nomination, and know you have a big fan over here in Portland.

And I DO hope that bug didn't spread. I hate puke more than anything--even bedbugs, which we are tackling right now!! And your post kept me reading.

Thanks again!

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