Sunday, 23 March 2014


It must be true, the date tells me so. My baby is seven. I look at her and can't quite fathom it, such a tall girl, my little girl is most definitely gone, she is her own personality, goofy as goofy goes, and getting into so many things. Not long now, and she'll beat me at Tetris even. I look at the photo from her birthday just 2 years ago, all princessy and pink, and wonder what happened that it's got to be a Star Wars party and that she is clear that she likes "girl things and boy things". Phew. Because, like, I had been a bit worried about that rather sticky pink princess phase.

Still a whirlwind, still very definite of how and when she'll do things, still a people's person. She's fun to be with and ever on the lookout for fun things to do. Every day she challenges me in so many ways - never a boring minute, and always a new perspective on life, love and the universe. I'm actually not sure if she keeps me young or ages me, or both. And she's growing up far too fast.

Favourite song: Ghostbusters
Favourite movie: Lego Movie and Frozen
Favourite food: Eggs, beans and toast
Favourite book: Frozen
Favourite animal: baby deer
Favourite game:Snap and Operation
Favourite place: Glasgow
Favourite present: bicycle, tweeting blue tit, crystal stone, mini build-a-bear, bratz doll, Frozen soundtrack (which we've been singing and dancing too ad nauseam)

Happy birthday Cubling, I love you to the end of the universe. And there may not be one.

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