Monday, 13 April 2015

April - The month of... Wild garlic or bear leek

A wonderful sunshine after the rain walk to and through Linn Park, which looked like this:

Two jacket pockets full of wild garlic, which is called bear leek in German, now look like this:

A super easy wild garlic paste which will keep for months in the fridge.

120 g wild garlic, washed, dried
15g salt
100ml veg oil

Process until smooth and fill into a jar.

This paste can be added to recipes, you can make it into pesto, use it as bread spread.


Muddling Along said...

Sounds lovely - just need to find some near us

Mwa said...

We used to have a ton of that outside our Edinburgh house. Somehow I'm always scared to pick anything for myself. I'm worried I might poison myself...

Anita said...

I love wild garlic. You can use in soups and in sandwiches, aswell.



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