Wednesday, 14 April 2010

BMB carnival - theme and call for entries

I have the great pleasure to be hosting the next Best of British Mummy and Daddy Blogger Carnival on 27th April. I'm currently on the dodgiest internet connection imaginable and navigating to pages is close to impossible, so no blogging until I'm back in the UK, but do feel free to send me contributions to blog at cartside dot co dot uk (replacing the usual parts of the address with @ and .). The guidelines are that I'm to pick the 25 best entries - but to be  honest, I don't think that I want to make such judgement as it would be biassed towards what I find an interesting read. So I decided that I would set a theme for this carnival, especially as there hasn't been one recently - and I really hope it inspires rather than puts you off.

I'd like to hear your calls to our politicians, candidates and current MPs, from your own perspective - shaped by being a parent. It can be a manifesto, it can be a right moan, an idea for change that politicians could take on, it can focus on a particular theme (such as childcare, tax credits, child benefit, being a single parent etc), it can be your children's views, it can be specific or a collection of random thoughts, anything at all really. I personally would love to see this as an opportunity so close to the general elections to bring together the voices of parents without a specific party line, just steeped in experience and the knowledge of what current policies and practice mean to you.

Oh, it can be funny or serious, I really don't want anyone to be put off by a semi political theme - feel very free to take your own stance on it.

I can't wait to get your contributions, please try to have them in for 26th April noon :)



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