Sunday, 24 April 2011

When I'm a big woman, I want to marry...

Cubling is obsessed with getting married and weddings. It's really quite adorable, she loves dresses, dances and parties and that's what marrying is about, as I blogged about before.
So today, for the Easter egg hunt at her aunty's house, she declared that she was the princess and her cousin the prince and they would get married!

I blame the nursery. I spotted a crafted wedding cake with William and Kate on it, and a box of collected cherry blossom leaves which Cubling explained were for sprinkling at the wedding. I asked her who the people on the cake were and she said she didn't know, but surely some sense of prince and princess has entered her mind. Of course, being totally enthralled with Disney princesses (who always end up marrying don't they) adds to her fascination.

On our journey back, she deplored the fact she didn't get married to her cousin today after all. Once again, she declared her love or her little sister: "But when I'm a big woman, I want to marry Snowflake!"
We explained that you cannot marry your sibling. "But who can I marry then?" "you can marry any young man you love", daddy explained helpfully. "But I love you daddy!"


She proceded to suggest she should tell all our unmarried friend that they should get married. Getting wed is clearly the ultimate life goal in the mind of our 4 year old.

Her best Easter present was a mug of Disney princesses incidentally. She wants all her juice and all her milk out of this cup from now on.

I have a feeling that we will have to watch the royal wedding. I find it rather ironic - back when Prince Charles and Diana got married, it was my mother who made me watch it. Looks like this time it'll be my daughter... They'll make a royalist out of me yet.

Happy Easter!


Rachel said...

Cute!! My FP(3) wants to marry our neighbour's boy: totally unsuitable, not too mention Far Too Old (10). It's pretty hard to explain what marriage is really about, isn't it?

Mwa said...

What an excellent excuse to watch the wedding with her!



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