Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going Barefoot or a Little Dream Come True

There is great excitement in my life. A dream come true, in a way. The reason this blog has been a bit quite over the past 2 weeks. My 4 year old will tell everyone who'll listen (and she'll make you listen) that mummy has a bookshop now. At home.

It's true. It's no secret I love books, and who doesn't have this little dream of their own business? Well, mine involved books. It wasn't "just" a dream - I always had my favourite independent bookshops where I bought books, and spend rather a lot of time thinking up where the perfect location for "my" bookshop and cafe would be (until it was taken over by a cafe...). I even worked in a bookshop for minimum wage just to see if it was for me (it wasn't, the bookshop had no control over stock or any freedom to make it other than a university book service; it was rather soulless). Then, out of the blue, only a few weeks ago, I stopped at the Barefoot Books stall at the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show. They are the people behind many a favourite baby and children's book and a five minute visit meant I came home with a bag full of new exciting books. A week later, and I'd signed up as an Ambassador - which means that I sell Barefoot Books.

I'm still in the starting blocks, the great thing is that there is no pressure to sell large quantities and it's really just going to be a hobby. There are decisions to be made whether to use my domain name for the online shop, or this blog, or a page on this blog.

Today, my stock arrived.
On Friday, my launch home party is happening.
We've been reading Barefoot Books all week, to test them, get to know them and love them.
I'm as excited as a child really, because, really, what could be better than selling the books you love?

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Mwa said...

Congratulations! What an exciting new thing to do.



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