Monday, 23 May 2011

The tree swing

The weather is raging outside. As I sit and watch the storm damage accumulating, last week seems like an eternity away. Not that the weather was kind, but at least the trees were a welcome shelter rather than weapons.

Usually, May brings sunshine, warmth. It tends to be the best month. Instead, we had rain, cold temperatures and now a storm that puts fear not just into my four year old. She insists that the twigs and branches can't possibly have been blown down by the wind, it has to be a woodcutter, because otherwise it would be winter soon. And just a few days ago, the trees were a well of colour, light and easy swinging at the riverside.

Our outdoor adventures teach me a lot. How on a day that I have to drag myself out, Cubling is more than keen. Ask her if she'd like to go to the woods or stay home warm and dry, and the answer is without fault the woods. She looks forward to meeting her friends, she drags me out, even on days that start with porridge spilled across the whole room. Once we managed to get out of the house, all geared up and with lunch packed, after the stress of getting everything together and getting there, the reward is great. The calmness, the peace, and the ease of a child who in other environments gets overstimulated so easily. She also loves to be there with me, and it saddens me that soon, she will go there without me again.

It's my favourite day of the week. Not often do I manage to bring my camera as well as two children, rain gear and lots of food. And it's not easy trying to capture the colour, light and beauty we see on camera if an increasingly active baby is trying to help me take that picture. If I do bring the camera though, it's these pictures that I often go back to during the week to follow, to remind me of the best day of the week, the one where we are all happy at the same time. The big easy. The photos reflections of our memories.

This post is part of Outdoor Challenge Monday.

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