Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday Treat

This was my birthday treat, a bit delayed but all the more longed for. It must be at least a year that I had wanted to do this:

The resulting basked is the perfect size for keeping my active knitting projects in. Thanks to Joan Campbell for showing us the basics, cooking yummy soup and keeping us warm in the tent with soup. Thanks to Mr Cartside for entertaining the kids and doing such a great job that Snowflake came home a toddler (and is mightily pleased with herself at her feat).


Frambooske said...

Looks tricky... :) - I like the red stripe through it.

Plummy Mummy said...

Happy [belated] birthday. The basket looks lovely - where did you learn to do it?

Muddling Along said...

Aren't you clever!

cartside said...

@Frambooske, the red stripe is dogwood, which is harder to weave but looks great. The rest is willow.
@PlummyMummy, thanks, my birthday was in October. I learned to do it on Sunday, and that's my maiden basket.
@Muddling Along, aren't I just?



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