Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Of 10 headed men, lanterns, pumpkins, guising and vampires (amongst others)

So hello there. Long time no see. Who'd have thunk that I could ever neglect my blog to such an extent? It's easy though, you just need to get into a really busy schedule, like the type that's busier than normal, and voila. No time to blog. Did I miss it? A little, not as much as I expected.

But worry you not, my faithful readers, I'm baaack.

To update you a little bit on what's been happening in the busy Cartside household, well, there's been pumpkin carving. Not something I have much experience of, but heyho, it's called being creative. So the first pumpkin was sat on a 4 pack of baked beans and somehow didn't like it so much. One morning I was heard shouting to my Beloved that there was yet another flood in the kitchen, this time the work surface, could he stop having a shower.

While clearing up I wondered about that smell, which wasn't shower water or even shower water went through plaster miff. It was sticky too. Then I saw the culprit, a rotten pumpkin, escaping its fate by literally escaping its shell.

The second pumpkin got a scary shark face and the third one never got carved.
There was a cat costume to be made. (Remember I have that thing going that I don't want to buy new stuff? Make first, buy secondhand or handmade?). Well, I never  managed to sew that outfit but at least managed a sad impression of a tail made from a tights leg and crunched up Glasgow Extra newspaper. Thankfully the charity shop had a cat ears hair band and even a devil horns one for the little one who couldn't protest. Though she did protest against that vampire costume which I found rather fetching considering her recent attempt to sever my left nipple off my breast.

Where was I? Oh. Then there's St Martin's. We needed to make a lantern. There I was, showing Cubling all those lovely dovely lantern designs and what does she go for? Doing her own thing. Thankfully there was enough stuff in our rubbish bin to upcycle (love that word) this wonderful lantern, Cubling design top to bottom. They must have been doing shapes at pre-school, as she insisted to decorate it with diamonds, crosses, squares, ovals and the like. I have to admit, even if reluctantly, that her design is not bad at all.

When she wasn't lantern making or pumpkin carving she took to drawing images of 10 headed men. I was told that this had something to do with Divali but really hoped it wouldn't be yet another source of night terrors.

Next up, trick or treating, or guising as it is known in these parts. Her daddy had little faith in her being the part, but let me assure you, if you've ever heard good jokes, let my 4 year old take them on! "Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he had a head on its curtain."
I mean really, could there be better jokes? And the rewards was a (modest in my eyes, huge in hers) bag of chocolates and sweets, 2 bananas ("for Snowflake, mummy") and a very pleased indeed little girl.

The pumpkin soup however. Umph. Let's say there was a bit of a lurgy going around. Just as well there was a massive box of chocolates to celebrate my birthday which kept my mind off feeling sick, while the rest of the household had the pukes.

All the while I was trying to make my mind up whether I should start an enterprise, become a stay at home mum or continue the rat race in the futile attempt at what some people call work/life balance. I tried to explain to Cubling that visiting us 5 times a night doesn't quite contribute to that balance.

So then, how's your month been?

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