Saturday, 24 March 2012

... and now she is five

It is unbelievable, my baby is 5. Opinionated, strong willed, both confident and shy, loud and ever full of energy, forever bargaining and negotiating, making up words and songs, free spirited yet following the pinkest path there can be for a girl.

I'm not one for girly stuff. Yet my big girl is testing my convictions and patience by being into all things pink and pretty, princessy and sparkly, glittery and shiny, and with such fury that there isn't much to do other than stand by and be amazed, and trust that she will find out for herself that life is not about looking beautiful so as to be picked up by prince charming and live happily ever after.

So I bit my tongue and she got her princess party, her princess cake, her princess dress, her princess castle. As much as I loathe the Disney consumerism, as much as I detest the message those pretty faces give out to girls, as much as I see royalty undermining true democracy and equality, I simply cannot resist the exuberance with which all things princessy are embraced by my girl. It's hard to escape her enthusiasm. You're only 5 once after all and this phase too shall pass (though it's been rather sticky). So here go my principles, defeated for now by a 5 year old. As for republicanism, feminism and anti-consumerism - we'll leave that for tomorrow, shall we?

And I have to say, there was something rather cute about all these knights and princesses running wild in the Hidden Gardens. Could it be that I saw Little Miss Pink Princess with a shield having a sword fight? That's my girl!

Happy birthday my pink lady, my beautiful princess!


Kat said...

How can she be 5?!? That means in a weeks time I'll have a five year old. And that just isn't possible

cartside said...

I'm afraid it could mean that... Time flies when you're having fun!

The mum of all trades said...

sounds like she had a great day, very special memories. being a knight , a princess or whatever you want to be is what being 5 years old is all about.



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