Friday, 23 March 2012

Finished Object Friday: T-shirt Yarn Basket

There's still a bit of a t-shirt yarn production line going on around here.
After my first slightly unsuccessful attempt at crocheting in the round, I thought I'd getter bet some practice in and found myself my first Pinterest inspired object (I still don't quite get Pinterest, but nevermind). A super simple basket.

It goes something like this: chain 8, close to round, single crochet into the round 8 times, then crochet in the round increasing into every stitch in the first round, then into every other stitch in the second round, into every third in the third round etc until you've reached the size of circle that'll be the bottom of your basket. At this point stop increasing and just do single crochet until you've had enough / the basket is as tall as you'd like / you've run out of t-shirt yarn; whichever comes first.

Voila, a very simple and very sturdy and rather fetching little basket. This one is currently used for all the bits and bobs that grow out of our bookcases while selfsame are out of action due to decorating the kids' room. Instant sense of tidiness created: result. Formerly also used as a hat but turned out a little bit on the big side. T-shirt yarn courtesy of M.H. who made sure that any suitable t-shirts that arrived in her charity shop made it straight to me. And I got some real gems, bright colours and all. Number of t-shirts used: 5. Time needed: about two evenings (note: I'm new to crochet so it's probably much less for most). Crochet hook size: 9mm but could be any large hook.


Muddling Along said...

How super is that - love it - upcycling at its best!

The mum of all trades said...

I would love to have a got these, they would be so handy.



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