Friday, 1 February 2013

I got same!

Snowflake is a big time character fan. Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, die Maus (a German educational cartoon character that hails from my home town of Cologne), Micky Mouse, Pocoyo- it doesn't really matter what it is, if she recognises a character she gets right into it.

So her latest toy is a Hello Kitty Memory game that my Beloved brought home from his latest business trip to Germany. And today, both my girls beat me at Memory. I think Snowflake would have won if Cubling hadn't ensured that she didn't (she's not a good loser and I went along with it for peace's sake), but considering I played properly I wasn't sure if I should be proud of my 5 and 2 year olds or worried about the poor state of my memory. I'm under no illusions and expect 5 year old to beat me, but I would have thought that I could still compete with a 2 year old, in fact, I would have expected that she didn't know what she was doing. How wrong could I have been. "I got same!" "I find Gleiche!" oh the delight of finding two of a kind.

In other news, her baby locks are off. She is most definitely growing up far too fast. At least she's adamant that she's still my baby. For now.


Dot said...

I played a cards-based memory game with my two (5 and 3) and was resoundingly beaten. I don't think I have any short-term memory any more, but on the other hand I know a lot more than they do about pretty much everything, and I'm also bigger and hold the purse strings, so perhaps it's only fair.

Sophia said...

So cute, they will always be your babies.

Peacock said...

What a lovely pictures. My baby is still not able to choose his favourite character. He is juzst 10 months and doesn't watch TV yet :)



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