Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Day she's been waiting for for a year

The excitement knows no bounds. She's been waiting for this day for weeks, no months. There's been a count down and a whole range of ways of saying that she's not just 5, but something approaching 6, including 5 and four quarters (no, that's the same as 6 - no it isn't - yes it is, believe me, I know maths - no it isn't, it says 5 so it can't be). For 6 years, we've been waiting for the daffodils to mark the day, this year the only daffodils in bloom are in the house and contributed to the excitement. How very special though to have a white birthday!

So here she is, a tall 6 year old already bursting out of her first school clothes, two milk teeth gone and replaced with teeth to last her a lifetime, a girl in charge of her own (this is my party and I can invite anyone I like, sure I can? This is my body I can wear what I like).

A girl who understands that this year there won't be a cat because her little sister is oh so very scared of animal of any shape and form.

Full of contradictions too - so very shy with people and children she does not know or who come in large groups, and so confident socially with those she does know. A child who can spent hours on end practising her skipping, her hearts or princesses but who won't sit still ever for her food. A girl with endless energy who is never ever tired at the end of a long day but can't get herself out of bed in the morning.

A girl who'd rather spend a day with her sister than one with just her mum or dad, who still rather plays with her sister or her parents than any toy. A girl who is forever on the lookout for something new and exciting and finds it rather boring to go to school 5 days a week (who can blame her).

A girl who has the most beautiful hair which she won't have cut but still longs for curls (and I totally know what she means, I also still long for curls). A 6 year old who still loves her cuddles and doesn't get nearly enough because her little sister is oh so jealous of cuddles, yet she always understands and shares them.

A girl who turned my life around and made me learn so much. A girl who personifies exuberance, who doesn't do things by half.

Have a magical sixth birthday my wild, smart and beautiful child.

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