Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A day at the beech

I'd almost forgotten how amazing it is that we live so close to the sea. There is always so much to see and do very close to us, so we hardly make it to the beach and even trips to the coast don't usually end up there. As someone who grew up a 4 hour drive from the coast (and without a car to make that journey), the sea will never lose its magic.

Yes, it was 4 degrees and the hills were still covered in snow. I may have been brought up with sea and sand equalling summer and swimming, but really, I never liked swimming anyway so personally I don't have an issue with the temperature. And the kids didn't complain either. There were treasures found, shells collected and dinosaur footprints created, apart from rather a lot of running about on the flats at low tide (our timing had been perfect).

I like the way toddlers are naturals at yoga poses. Unlike their mama.

We did have ice cream because surely, a trip to the beach without an ice cream just doesn't feel right.

We also had the most amazing late lunch at Popeye's.

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