Thursday, 7 August 2014

Escape to Arran

Almost 2 years after we received this birthday gift of a weekend away without the weans, we finally made it: off we went on the ferry to Arran, to walk, explore Brodick Castle and swim in the hotel pool. Good (and at times strange) food, watching the Glasgow Commonwealth cycling from a distance, and slowing down for two days. Almost ready for the back to school madness ...


Frambooske said...

Beautiful! Scotland is amazing, but such a long way up from Somerset... We've walked the West Highland Way before O arrived and fell in love. Not quite ready for the (first time proper) school madness, I think I've got a little bit longer than you.

cartside said...

Yes, we're back a bit earlier than England. It is far, we went to Devon for a holiday and it felt like the longest journey ever. And then it inconveniently rained for a week... I hope to do the West Highland Way with the kiddos once they're a bit bigger. If they'll take me that is.



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