Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Five Rather Unrelated Things

First of all, thank you so much for your kind comments to my previous post. Some of your comments, and the blogs I read as a result, made me feel very humble and shed a few tears for your own losses, others full of hope. Above all, I was truly surprised how many of you shared their own story in the small space of the comment box. I truly appreciate this, it's not easy to be open about these things and it shows how many actually go through very similar experiences. And it strangely helps to know that. I'd mentioned in my previous post that talking to a mummy friend had made me much more positive, just sharing our very similar stories (same week count when we miscarried, same "age" of embryo, same difficulties after miscarriage of extremely irregular cycles and so on) made me feel more confident that all would be just fine. As an update, my GP (or her replacement as my GP was on holiday) thinks I'm a normal case of decreasing fertility post age 35 and therefore should wait another six months and not worry so much. And the fact that I got pregnant twice would indicate that most likely, I've still got it in me. So on the one hand, I'm pleased to hear this (even though I knew it anyway), on the other I'm not so pleased that no tests are being done (in case there is an underlying problem). Thermometer and ovulation sticks have arrived, watch it my dear eggs, I mean business and I'm gonna show you.

On a more sombre note, (which makes me wonder if this post is going to become really depressing because it's not exactly cheerful to talk about conception problems), there's a few causes that I would really ask everyone to take a very short but important action on.
A newly published report indicates that the recession is hitting the less affluent families in the UK very hard and that child poverty is on the rise in the UK. While the banks are getting bailed out, struggling families are being forgotten. You can take action to make sure that the Chancellor doesn't forget struggling families in his pre-budget report.

The Thinkuknow website (part of CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency) have launched a call to promote a oneminute action for Madeleine McCann. The point of it is to never give up, and use social media for maybe achieving a breakthrough in her case, 2 1/2 years after her disappearance. It's very simple, watch the video, and pass it on - by email, on the social network of your choice (facebook, bebo etc), on twitter, your blog ... you name it. Literally, it will only take you a minute.

And to get even more sombre, on my way to an evening session at work, I got caught up in the traffic tailback caused by an accident. The accident must have happened around 5pm, I passed it at 5.20pm. The ambulance had been. I only saw the wreck of the car. My heart missed a beat. It's beyond my ken how the damage I saw could have come about on a busy and thus slow road. I wish I hadn't looked, the sight was horrific. And sometimes, it's impossible to see it as just another accident. I can't get rid of the mental image, the implication of what I saw hit very much home. This is the second major accident in only a month that I almost witnessed.

And fifthly, to lighten things up a bit, and even with a 5 theme, this is Cubling's favourite sentence:

I gross now, I go Schule!

(I'm big now, I go to school! usually accompanied by standing on top of something that makes her look taller. The school obsession hails from the fact that her best friend is at school since August and she dearly misses her at the childminder. When I explain to her that she has to be 5 to go to school, and I then ask how old she is, she will say she's 5...)


Mwa said...

My doctor always says that, too - you had one before, so it will happen again. He only interferes after two years! But so far that has worked out for me, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Here's cheers to Cubling for a happy endnote to this post.
Fingers crossed for your egg plans.

Ran said...

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