Saturday, 21 November 2009

Letter from Santa

I've been contacted by the NSPCC asking me to tell my readers about their annual Christmas ‘Letters from Santa’ fundraising campaign. The NSPCC is a fabulous and much needed lifeline for so many children in the UK. Working for another children's charity (one of the competitors so to say, but we're not competitve when it comes to safeguarding children) I can only do my best to encourage you to take part in this lovely campaign. For the record, I'm not getting anything for this, I really think it's a lovely initiative which helps raise funds for a very worth while charity, one that I've been supporting financially for years.

Their press release explains it all very neatly, so I'll be cheeky (you see, I'm frantically knitting at the moment) and just copy the relevant bits:

The NSPCC’s Letter from Santa fundraising initiative gives parents, grandparents and anyone else the chance to nominate someone special to receive a magical letter from Santa for a suggested donation of £5. The letter is personalised with the child’s name and age and is sure to confirm that Santa will be making his usual stop in the child’s home town to wish everyone a merry Christmas. The letter is written in a hand script font and is beautifully illustrated on quality colourful paper. The envelope shows that it’s been safely delivered through ‘express Rudolph Mail’.

Fundraiser Binita Patel said: “Letter from Santa is a brilliant way to put an extra twinkle into Christmas this year and make a child feel extra special. The appeal also helps us to raise money to support children who are perhaps not as fortunate.

“It is important to remember that Christmas is not a time of celebration for every child. Over the 12 days of festive cheer last year, ChildLine – a service provided by the NSPCC - counselled over 3,500 children who were in danger or distress and had nowhere else to turn. By supporting this appeal you will be helping to provide support, advice and protection for these children who are in desperate need of help.”

Also on offer is a Baby’s First Christmas letter from Santa, which is the perfect keepsake for newborns celebrating their first festive season.

To order a letter from Santa for a child you know, visit or call 0845 839 9304.

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Sarah said...

I'm sorely tempted. Son of Thor recently announced he didn't believe in Father Xmas anymore. At the ripe old age of nine. I'm wondering if it would be really unethical to get "Santa" to send him a letter in order to turn back time with "evidence".

Yeah it would.

Must make simple donation and forgo cunning plan. (sobs into hanky at this Xmas being a Father Xmas free zone)

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