Sunday, 14 November 2010

daddies in tummies and babies in cars

Overheard today:
- Which tummy did you go in daddy?
- it was granny's tummy.
- but you're a big boy now!
- yes, I am.
- you're a daddy now!

We spent the day driving to Edinburgh. 50 miles and time and time again, it takes hours. On the way out, it was due to traffic, on the way back, it was due to the little one. Snowflake doesn't like car journeys (understatement of the year); she must be the only baby who doesn't. Today I most definitely feel like avoiding all unnecessary car journeys,. take the train to locations where this is an option, and plead with friends to visit us in the meantime rather than subjecting the four of us to the ordeal of screaming baba. It ain't pretty, y'know.



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