Friday, 12 November 2010

Oops, how did that happen?

Shoot scheduled posts. I realised yesterday that my title was utterly inappropriate - a post on remembrance day on my daughter's developing memory, big oops. My excuse is that I only get time to write posts occasionally, and I write them by the bulk (err, 2 or 3 at a time if Snowflake sleeps long enough on nursery days) and I didn't realise that it was scheduled to go up on remembrance day.
And yes, we remembered and paid respect, even though Cubling would not be silent for 2 minutes, that IS asking for a bit much. She tried though.

On the topic of oops, how did that happen? - here are my latest knitting endeavours. Well, latest is stretching it a bit. I started the Owlet jumper on our trip to Skye in August, and finally I finished this winter jumper for Cubling.

You may be able to see from the photos that it is on the small side. Far too short, a bit too tight. I knit it following size 4 (or was it even 5?) years... Just as well we have a younger princess waiting to grow into it. Which leaves me without a winter jumper for my big girl. The plan is to knit her another owl - a bit ambitious, maybe I should knit it big enough for next winter. I'm a bit baffled though by her reluctance to even try this one on. She can't possibly already be getting too old for mummy's knits? Does she not know that knitting is groovy???

Continuing on the knitting fails theme, this is a picture of Snowflake in her winter beanie:

Yes, I do swatches.

And this is Snowflake in a cardigan I knitted a while ago, and hurray, it fits:

Ok, everybody refers to her as "he" when she's in it, it may need some pink embroidered flower. Not that I care, I'm so seriously sick of light pink that I think she looks just adorable in this jumper, and I'm so pleased that it fits just perfectly. The knitted cat and mouse come courtesy of J. who also blogged about the lovely gifts she made for Snowflake. And her knits are definitely knitting successes!

PS the Beanie pattern and lots of other fab hats can also be found in A Hat in Time, which is a book I pulled together last year and sell in aid of Save the Children's work. I still have about 20 print copies left, and you can also buy it as a pdf download through Ravelry or Lulu. The book makes a great stocking filler for any knitter ;). To get your print copy, please use the "order copy" tab here, or email me blog at cartside dot



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