Monday, 13 June 2011

Greenbank Gardens

Last weekend, we became the ultimate middle class family. We joined the National Trust for Scotland. £12 to get into Greenbank Gardens was just too hefty for a day visit, so we were coerced to join and made a mission out of trying to visit as many NTS places in the next 12 months as possible.

I'm quite looking forward to it actually.

The inauguration at Greenbank Gardens was definitely a success with the girls. Lots of smiles, and even some sunshine, mad running about on a lawn that felt like softest carpet, playing hide and seek, eating of grass and flowers by a certain 8 month old and climbing on a massive tree that the recent storm (hurricane?) had uprooted. I resisted the plant sale, which was wise, I can barely find space to plant out the veg I've grown from seed this year

Outdoor Challenge Monday? This wasn't a challenge really.

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