Monday, 27 June 2011

Postcard from Föhr - heatwave

It was "only" 24 degrees, but if you live in Scotland, this is hot.
Cubling asked to go home because she was too hot.
Luckily there's the sea and water and so we dug holes and castles, bathtubs and watt worm houses.

Any hotter and I'm positively seeking the shade.

This is not a child dancing, but trying to avoid stepping on the lines created by the watt worm. Pretty futile undertaking and thus she does not like the watt at all. Thanks to the Jugendhelfer (youth helpers) we made our own felted watt worms, then made a watt worm house at the beach. "Don't look down, look ahead only", helps too. We're getting there. It would be a shame to not explore this amazing tidal landscape for fear of watt worms which actually take flight with the water.

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