Saturday, 25 June 2011

Postcard from Föhr - drawn in sand

If Föhr is one thing, it's the perfect place for children. Everyone cycles, the littlests go in trailers, and cars have an island wide speed restriction of 20m/h. There are endless activities for children, crafts, storytelling, walks, puppet shows. The sea meets the beach, the dunes meet the woodlands which are interspersed with picturesque reed covered houses. There is no litter, but lots of time. Fresh rolls for breakfast, local produce, a Sunday fishmarket and two yarn shops (one even has yarn from local sheeps, locally spun, locally dyed, locally everything).

The beach, a wonderland of high and low tide (you can walk the 5 miles to the next island at low tide), countless shells, digging running, exploring.
Today, the big kids decided to draw on the sand. A sun full of rays, a person, and a tree with lots of leaves. As for Snowflake, she wants to stand and walk. Alas she can't. The frustration, especially of seeing a 15 month old, a match in size, walking. Patience monkey, patience.

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