Sunday, 17 July 2011

Proudly presenting: Nature Kids

Yesterday, while out at the National Museum of Rural Life, when Cubling was playing with her daddy and Snowflake was asleep in her buggy, I had an idea. And I liked it very much. It's not something that happens a lot, so when it happens, oh I get soooo excited. So excited in fact that I started on it as soon as the kids were in bed and wasn't distracted by teething Cubling who woke every hour.

So, with bleary eyes from too much sitting behind a notebook screen, I'd like to introduce to you my new baby: Nature Kids (Glasgow), a blog/website that aims to be a resource for helping children connect to nature.

Every day of the week will have a theme - a nature craft activity, a storytime book, a place to visit, an organised activity for children, an event to go to, a food for thought section for ideas, experiences, initiatives and more, and potentially also a product review.

All the places and activities featured will be accessible from Glasgow and doable in one day - this means that the reach is more or less for the whole of the central belt of Scotland.

What's exciting too is that the site can be a collaborative effort, so if you would like to share anything you've visited, done, thought that relates to connecting children with nature, it can go on the site!

I hope that the site will be a useful resource, as well as connect parents who would like to spend more times outdoors and raise children who love and respect nature.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch on cartside @, leaving out the spaces.


The mum of all trades said...

a great idea for a website, and the ideal time to launch it when we are all looking to keep them amused

BabyPledge said...

What a lovely idea for a website, will check it out.

Elle and Belle said...

Sounds fantastic! Maybe if it became a collaborative effort it could stretch to other areas of the country



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