Monday, 25 July 2011


There are some changes to this blog of mine. It'll all become clearer in time, but for now, I'll be moving all outdoor related posts to the new Nature Kids site. Similarly, any reviews of places to go, formerly labelled as out and about, will also now go onto the new blog.

I've spent a lot of time writing a bit of content for Nature Kids as might be expected, and with some of the themes of this blog moving across, it's more than possible that Mummy do That! will not have quite so regular posts. At the same time I hope that it'll be a bit more focussed, rather than being such a mixed bag of different themes.

There are also changes in my own interests. We are past the becoming parents stage, past the upheaval and re-orientation that this takes. It seems that my blog has come full circle: When a few years ago I changed platforms and title to make it a "mummy blog" it now moves a step away from that label. But I'm still a mummy of course - name and location will stay, and there also won't be a sudden departure or realignment. What there is, though, is a gentle move towards a more issue based blog, back to the stuff that I wrote about before the motherhood journey.

I will be writing about sustainability, child poverty, green living, making things and bilingual parenting. I'll be trying to find creativity in small things. I hope to track how my tiny urban garden develops and how to juggle children, work and home. There'll be place for things that inspire me, ideas to be explored, guest contributions, and supporting local initiatives, small businesses. Did I leave out parenting? Of course there'll be that too, just maybe a bit less or with a different angle.

I hope you're still on board (and maybe you've also joined the cruise on Nature Kids). It is a small watershed but I'm glad it's happening now, with the other watershed, the end of maternity leave and the space of focusing on the non-work world that comes with it, the opportunity to de-clutter, re-assess, and re-focus, has arrived. In two weeks, I'll be back at my desk, doing my old job with renewed motivation that stems from having had an opportunity to explore the dust tracks and scenic routes around me, rather than speeding head-on the A-roads fuelled by the juggling act of a working mum.

In the last few months, I've become a Barefoot Books Ambassador and launched a new website about which I'm still giddy with excitement. It seems bitty, but it's all perfectly related, it all makes perfect sense to me.

Which is, in fact, a rather nice feeling.

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