Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wake up Freak out Then get a Grip

We may not go down the route of solar energy, but that doesn't mean I don't continue to look for ideas and solutions. Sometimes it also takes a few heads to find space to think and discuss so I decided to somehow make space and time to join the "Your Planet, Your Money" course that Urban Roots are running just around the corner from here.

Oh and it was good. 2 hours without children (whom I love to bits but it's hard to follow any train of thought when there's constant interruptions of mami come here, mami where are you, mama! and the general litany of play with me I can't at all play by myself y'know). Time to switch on brain, speak to people and dig into a topic. How I've missed it. It's a luxury many people don't realise when it's taken for granted.

2 hours spent not speaking about children at all, quite astounding, and while I'm not one to ban the topic in any conversation, it was reassuring to know that I can still last 2 hours without the topic. I already can't wait until next week for the next instalment.

Here's a delightful little film that was shown. I know it's a bit bleak and all that, but considering that there's an awful lot of denial and whitewashing of this rather serious issue going on, I can see some justification in shocking people into taking some action. Because taking action is possible. Small and big, and while one is at it, you might actually enjoy the journey.

From the Matrixious Wake up call to the Douglas Adamsian "Don't Panic" side of things - there's hope that human ingenuity might come to the rescue, but for this to happen, people need to get their bum off their sofas and actually switch on their ingenuity.

Please watch, discuss and share.

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.



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