Friday, 24 February 2012

Finished Object Friday: It's getting repetitive I know

Guess what.
I've finished another owlets jumper!
I know I know, it's been only a week since the last one but hear me out there's a story to this one.

It was actually the first owlets that I started. It was knitted for Cubling, in size 4-5 years. Knitted on a long car journey to Skye and back, plus a couple of weekends after, it was a very quick knit on 6.5mm needles and with Rowan Little Big Wool. I was about 6 or 7 months' pregnant at the time.

Now look at that baby - it's 17 months and I've finally finished it. Why? Well, I kind of finished it when pregnant but it was more than obvious that a) it was far too small for Cubling who wasn't even 4 yet, which was just as well because she told me in no uncertain terms she did not want to wear it anyway and b) something just didn't look right.

So I looked at it, and looked at it some more in that stashed basket. One day, the penny dropped. I must have slipped sizes at the very start, the body part was simply too short. Which is kind of rubbish when the jumper is knit from bottom up. No way Jose was I going to unravel it all again. Thankfully, Ravelry folk came to the rescue and explained how I could save the owlets. pick up stitches and go for the cut, then knit some more and rejoin with kitcheners stitch. I admit I didn't like the idea of cutting my knitting, but it did work. With just about 20cms of yarn left, this is as long as I could do it with the yarn I'd left over, and it means it's a bit shorter than I'd hoped. But still, body and sleeves are much more in proportion.

How convenient I have a younger child who promptly modelled it, and though a tad big, it's actually already a pretty decent fit.

5 years? Hm. Never mind. Snowflake is very proud of her new jumper. That's my girl. And this is probably the longest I've ever taken over knitting a kid's jumper.

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kat @ slugs said...

it looks lovely! glad yo managed to save it!



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