Thursday, 23 February 2012

In service day

I know blogs are meant to be kind of up to date and like an online diary, but heyho, this is my space and who cares anyway. So remember mid term break?
There is this interesting oddity that if your child attends a city council nursery in Glasgow, even on a full time basis, that nursery will be shut for in service days. Which is a pain in the back, because it means giving up precious annual leave. However, considering I feared that the whole of midterm break meant a nursery holiday, one day seemed not quite so bad.

And then, magically, on that very day, it was the first day of spring. Sunshine, warmth and for all the plans I had, they had to be ditched because we simply had to get out and have a go at that pedal bike of Cubling's.

And before I had the buggy ready to receive Snowflake, I saw this:

Which meant that unfortunately, Cubling did not learn how to cycle from the keenest cyclist in the family, Grampa. Unfortunately she also didn't learn to cycle from her dad who really had hoped to have that honour. It also meant that I couldn't really claim any responsibility in the learning to cycle shenanigans either.

Nonono, Cubling simply got on her bike and did it all by herself.

Which actually means that although I do feel for Grampa and Daddy, I'm all the more proud of her.

Now that was one in service day well spent!


LauraCYMFT said...

Well done Cubling! And please send some sunshine to us in the West, it's horrid here!!

Caroline Rose said...

Fantastic! What a great way to spend such a lovely nearly spring day :-)



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