Friday, 17 February 2012

Finished Object Friday: Owlets all around

You know you're taking owls to Athens (that's the German version of "coals to Newcastle") when you knit a baby jumper and the recipient recognises the pattern. Well not the recipient strictly speaking, because he is only a few months old and may be more busy with things like learning how to wind everyone around his little fingers for sheer cuteness than knowing knitting patterns inside out.

How fitting then that it is indeed an owl jumper, owlet to be precise. Funny though that his mum is making one for herself; even with the same style adaptation of short sleeves...
Ah well, I love this pattern and the yarns used are so must touch all the time soft that I'm sure baby J will be snug and comfy.

This owlet jumper has been sitting for a while because I thought I had enough yarn of the first instalment for a second. But no, I didn't do my sums right and there it was sitting run out of yarn and it took me ages to find a yarn that could be used to finish it off. Bright red just doesn't go with many colours. Eventually I found katia merino sport (that's the grey bit 401 colourway, made in Spain - the red is Lana Grossa Nico) which I think is pretty much an ideal complement colour.

I knitted size 6-12 months - the yarn is quite stretchy though so that I'm sure it could fit up to 18 months (which is good as I'm currently trying to save another owlet which turned out waaaaay too small). There's meant to be 13 owls but it turned out with just 12 - having a 6 months break before finishing off meant I wasn't quite clear what size and stitch number I was on, and while I'm not sure where I went wrong, it turned out looking just right. Hm.

While I love this pattern, somehow I'm not very successful managing to make one for my own kids. Cublings turned out too small and simply wrong, this was meant to be Snowflake's and I ran out of yarn (and by the time I had found the right yarn, it was too small). Just as well there's still lovely new babies being born who need to be clad in handknits.


kat @ slugs said...

I love how the colours turned out! Really nice!!

Caroline Rose said...

Super cute! Wish I could knit clothes, they always come out too small :-(



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