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Baby's First Nursery Tips

Having just completed our own nursery (ahem, Cubling is five and Snowflake at 19 months has not yet moved into her room but hey, it's done and ready for her!), it seemed quite timely when I was asked if I'd feature a sponsored post for Vertbaudet. I do like Verbaudet, both for their lovely kids clothes range which has a classy yet practical touch and for their beautiful baby and kids room range. So here are some tips and ideas for putting together baby's room which might come in handy for those of you who are planning baby's room.

Baby’s First Nursery

There's nothing like planning the nursery – where you can revel in the anticipation of baby and shamelessly decorate it to your heart's content and all things cute and pretty because if you wait until they're 3, 4 or 5, you'll have much less say in decorating your kids' room! So go for it while you can! If you have never planned a baby nursery before, it may seem a daunting prospect so here are some helpful pointers to get you started. Remember that the safest place for your baby for at least the first 6 months is in a room with you both at night and during the day.

Babies spend an awful lot of time asleep and so you will most likely buy a cot for your little one. Choose one with a simple drop-down side that gives easy access to your baby and protects your back from excessive strain when picking them up. Cot bedding is available in a wide variety of colours and designs, a good selection can be found at Vertbaudet at their online shop or in their extensive catalogue. A blackout blind at the window to block out light may help babies sleep better. As babies spend a lot of time gazing up at the ceiling during nappy changes etc, it is nice for them to have something interesting to look at, which will help you keep them entertained especially if they don't like to get changed. You can create the perfect mood in the baby nursery with the clever use of unusual mobiles, night-lights, lampshades and lit canvasses. You'll be able to create the right balance between stimulating and tranquil with the plenty of interesting baby nursery items to inspire you at Vertbaudet.

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When decorating, make sure to only use non-toxic paints in the baby nursery, look for the words 'low VOC' on the tin, this refers to 'low volatile compounds.' Plan to finish any decorating or carpeting well before baby's arrival so that any fumes or dust will have dissipated – and this applies both for the nursery and your own bedroom where baby will sleep initially. Remember your baby will not be a baby for long, so unless you really love painting and decorating, choose a simple scheme that remains appropriate for some time. Easy peel off decorative stickers are an effective way of creating interest and detail without permanence, see the sticker collection at Vertbaudet for ideas. Avoid climbing a ladder during pregnancy; why not ask your partner or a friend to take care of any difficult decorating tasks. Make sure that rugs are fixed securely to avoid trip hazards. Fitting a dimmer switch in the nursery may help to keep the baby relaxed, and it is especially useful during night feeds.

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Changing Table
A changing table in the baby nursery, whilst not essential, will make life easier as it is specifically designed for one purpose. Handy for keeping all the baby's changing equipment together and wide and high enough to offer space and ease of use.

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

You will need storage for all of the baby's new things. Choose practical storage solutions that are easy to use and integrate well into the nursery. Find plenty of fun storage options at Vertbaudet, including a wonderful soft laundry basket shaped like a washing machine because toddlers love washing machines!

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

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janifer said...

Baby is the gift from a mother for a father. I have 1 years baby. i lover her very much. she is my world. I know this feeling. Exactly.My baby is 7 months and becoming VERY mobile! It is important to a baby that her father love her very much. I think every parents need to love his child very much.



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