Friday, 4 May 2012


... I spent about 3 hours drawing, dot to dotting, colouring in and various other activities with Cubling, while trying to encourage Snowflake not to draw on her sister's pad AND not on carpets, furniture, books and blankets.

... I lost sight of Snowflake in the park (she was hiding behind some contraption) for a minute.

... I went shopping with a hungry toddler and the check out lady asked if those three packs of crumpets, potato scones and croissants were meant to be open.

... I was asked for "Milch" in the cutest pronunciation 5 times and only once referred to the stuff that the milkman delivers.

... Cubling cleaned the stained glass window all by herself (ok, I helped a little bit but still).

... I heard the word "mummy" approximately 3894 times.
And the frequency of the word "no" wasn't much behind.

... I didn't manage to go to the toilet at all, and didn't manage to drink even one cup of tea. Which helped with the not being able to get to the toilet bit.

... Cubling fell down the whole length of the stairs.

... Snowflake had 3 accidents that all were less serious than they looked.

... I learned that yoghurt drinks, 19 month olds and car seats don't mix. Or rather they do in a messy kind of way

... I could only relax while Cubling was in her gymnastics class and only because I relented and nursed Snowflake in the midst of total strangers (I still feel apprehensive about nursing an over one year old in public, I shouldn't but I know how judgemental many people are and I try my best not to do it when out and about, but Snowflake doesn't get

... I had to share my lap between 2 kids a lot because both of them will be jealous if the relevant other one is on it.

... Snowflake was found sitting on the potty announcing "Pippi" (mercy, please let's not do potty training just yet,I was more thinking in a year's time maybe?)

... My kids whined far too much. And I shouted far too much. The two are most definitely related.

... I wished I worked full time because at least that would mean the kids were exposed to less shouting. Plus I'm sure they don't whine half as much at nursery so they must be happier there.

... I finally got them to work together happily with me by letting Cubling cut the broccoli, Snowflake transfer it into the pan while I peeled the tatties. The attraction of the sharp knife.

... I played a game of talking broccoli to get Snowflake to eat it (and succeeded with lots of hilarity on Snowflake's face)

... I read a couple of chapters of The Little Prince with Cubling and Snowflake on the top bunk, a book I've owned for decades without having read it.

... Felt like a lifetime.

... I need a glass of wine very badly.

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Frambooske said...

Loved reading this! Thanks for sharing your day :). I so get that good feeling you get when you hear words said in your own language, totally worth the persevering :). I used to think it wouldn't matter if O only spoke English... Hope you did have that glass of wine! Take care!



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