Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Barefoot at the Merry Go Round

It's been a while since I last posted an update on my life as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. This may well have something to do with work taking over and not exactly leaving much space for other things. But yes, I'm still promoting the wonderful world of Barefoot Books, without any ambitions to make a decent income from it, but rather as a hobby. Truth is, I love these books. Every single one of them is special, beautiful, with wonderful stories, art work and food for thought.

A month or so ago, Merry-Go-Round opened, a shop that sells pre-loved baby items while creating volunteering opportunities and being a venue for all things baby. I love love love this shop - it's all about reuse, recycling but in style. The shop is beautiful and cosy, there's free tea and coffee and often homebaking too. Lots of community groups will be meeting there - the Glasgow Sling Meet already does and an initiative to let people try out cloth nappies through a nappy loan kits is also based there. It's in the Southside and I can just see it becoming a great hub for new parents, with lots of things happening there.

Then I had this idea. And as usual, without thinking much about it, I just approached Sam who runs the shop and asked would it be an idea to run a singalong/storytelling session with Barefoot Books, where people have an opportunity to browse the books and buy if they want to.

And she said yes.

So on Friday, I'll be at the Merry Go Round in Nithsdale Road reading and singing from some of my favourite Barefoot Books. It may become a regular event. It's all free and there's no obligation to buy anything. If you're in the area and you have a baby/toddler, simply come along and join the fun!

PS I'm a bit nervous about it all, so please be gentle on me if I get a note or two wrong!

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