Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Let's bid for Cumbria!

I'm sure anyone in the mummy blogging world already knows about this but on the off chance that anyone reads this who doesn't follow me on twitter, who isn't a mummy blogger and who isn't my friend on facebook, and who's actually not heard about it, I absolutly need to tell you about this wonderful initiative:

Kat of Housewife Confidential came up with the amazing idea of raising funds for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund by mobilising the British Mummy Blogging Network and got together donations of amazing auction items, donation of a website hosting the auction and another one putting it all together, and the support of the blogging community and their social networking power.

Since yesterday, the auction has been life. It'll run until Sunday and I'm sure there'll be something for anyone to bid for. Having been a bit of a headless chicken recently, I totally missed the deadline for contributing a lot, and never managed to touch base with the two PR contacts I've got (I'll never get the PR business sorted, not my cup cake I suppose), so I've been a bit of a numpty for supporting this amazing initiative.

So, my meagre contribution are two hand knitted baby and toddler hats. They're not meagre though, because really, they are luvly. They are the one and only Baby Kate hat, knitted as samples for A Hat in Time by no-one less than their designer, Lisa S Rowe. The toddler hat will fit appr. an 18-30 month old and comes in a lovely shade of olive green. The other one is an baby hat in soft and snugly rosey-pink. Both are knit in the softest yarn you could imagine.

I think they may go into the raffle, or be late items for the auction (did I say I was late? Doh!).

Finally, just to give you a sense of what it's like to be flooded, please could you read this blog post. I really can't put it any better than this blogger. Just go there. Read. Then go to the auction bid, donate, support the Flood Recovery Fund. Thank you.

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Kat said...

Thank you for writing about us and also for the gorgeous donations...I will definitely be bidding on the toddler hat! Kat x



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