Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Portrait of Mama and Dada

About two years or so ago, Hot Cross Mum tagged me with this excellent idea: Get your cooperative toddler to depict you in her own artistic way. Oh how excited I was at this fabulous meme (bloggish for chain letter).

Ok, to be fair, it's been "only" almost a month since. I asked Cubling every single day if she'd draw mummy. No luck. "Neee!" she exclaimed in her shaking-head-severely intonation, as if it was at worst an extremely daft or at least a rather peculiar request.

Fast forward to the weekend, and she's doing her infamous circles again. Oh she loves circles. So I ask her if she can do a face. How about one eye. And another eye. A nose maybe? And wouldn't a mouth look good? What about your favourite eyebrowes? Ears, my darling? (that's the lines beside the eyes) And maybe a bit of hair? Great, looking super!!! "Face!" she adds, and with a bold stroke of genius, she adds another circle (clearly, the original circles weren't actually a face).

Who's this, I ask her, (well, I did say "wer ist das?") to which she replied promptly "Auntie R!" My hopes to finally get this meme done are shattered once again.

The following day, I notice another face. No idea when she drew that one, and neither of the other adults present saw her do it, or indeed encouraged her to do it. My little girl is a genius. As granny and grampa arrive, I ask her to tell them who this is. "This mummy, this daddy!", she says, while pointing.

I'm delighted, she's changed her mind and finally, I have my much desired first portrait of mummy (she'd done daddy before, lucky him). Phew. Who thought it could be such an undertaking to get a two year old to comply with a simple request? Please also note that this is drawn with her favourite colour, the one she'll always pick for any kind of painting and drawing, yes, my readers, it's black. Only 2 years and already a Goth. I made the white paper green in Picasa because I felt like a bit of colour, not because mummy is green with envy or sickness.

And I pass this on to Kitschy Coo, Kids Craft and Chaos, Very Bored Housewife and Notes from Lapland in the hope that their kids are a bit more cooperative.

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that? We're still at the I draw the pictures, he chews the crayons stage. I await my own picture eagerly.



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