Monday, 21 December 2009

This Winter's Knits

It can only be getting closer to Christmas, if I have four knitting projects going at the same time. And to give them the real winter feel, I took them out to explore the winter wonderland of the weekend (not such a wonderland if you subsequently get stranded on the M80 for 4 hours but I did try to focus on the beautiful winterscape that wasn't exactly passing by on our way back. Thankfully I had some knitting on me to pass the time). Where was I? Knitting. In winter. For Christmas. See those snowflake falling on the almost finished tea cosy? Knitted with Rowan Cocoon (oh I love that yarn) with a splash of mohairy red courtesy of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. It only needs sewn together to be ready as a present for a very special person.

Next up are a pair of socks knit with another favourite yarn of mine - Mirasol Hacho. They are simple socks and will surely keep my beloved's feet very warm and cosy this winter.
You may remember this hat, I just can't get enough of it. I think I knit about 3 of it in the last 2 weeks, for all my friend's recent babies. Here's the latest installment (and after that, it'll be 3 weeks until I'll be knitting this again, as the next baby is due then) for a Scottish German little girl, just before it'll be posted all the way to Erfurt. The pattern is by Woolly Wormhead and you can find it in A Hat in Time. It's the first pattern which I know by heart - such an amazing feeling not having to consult any pattern, just being able to pick up yarn whereever you are and get going. Suddenly I realise that knitting may not have to be about knitting a pattern only once, but that you can pick and choose your piece which will get a new and different encarnation every time it's knit. I'm sure many knit like this, yet it's a new approach for me.

Lastly, a summer dress in the middle of winter. I aim to finish it over the holiday, ready for our trip to warmer shores on New Years Day, so that Cubling can be the star of the beach. It's a f.pea pattern which I'm adjusting to make the vest into a longer dress. I'm a bit nervous about this - usually I just follow patterns to the word, so I hope it'll fit and look as lovely as the original.

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