Saturday, 6 February 2010

Groundhog Day

I've just googled my own blog. You see, Cubling had the chickenpox some time ago and I just fancied reading that post again:

No, I didn't change my blogroll yet, that's because my run of the evening went something like this: tidy chaos left by Cubling. switch on a machine that washes stuff. Hang up laundry. Stop to listen to Cubling scream her heart out and wonder why she does that and breathe again when cry turns to snores. switch on laptop and read my favourite blogs. Check email. Curse the laptop for being so flipping slow. Look at symptoms and images for chickenpox. That's because now that Cubling is just back at childminder after having had measles, she has a body full of big ugly spots that look vaguely like chickenpox. Not wanting to bother GP with yet another emergency appointment or my boss with yet another absence, I decide on web diagnosis. So this is what chickenpox look like:

pretty disgusting. Cubling has something that looks similar apart from the blister on the top. Her spots don't look disgusting, even if I admit they aren't pretty. And since every image I've seen has those blisters, and she hasn't got (m)any, and because she isn't scratching the spots, and because she only has about 25 250 on the whole of her body, with little change for better or the worse, I've the doctor has officially decided that she doesn't have has chickenpox and will go to the childminder tomorrow and meet up with her pals on Friday stay in isolation until further notice.
C'mon, it would be pretty unlikely to finish off the measles with chickenpox? Or is there a disease that starts with 3.5 days of 40 degree fever, develops into an all body rash that starts behind the ears and the hairline, uncannily resembling measles, before it develops biggish spots that seem to accumulate around the eye and the bum?
Why that reminiscing? Because I could have written the bit about the spots not having blisters today. Again I've been trailing online photos of chickenpox, symptoms and general information on the virus. Thing is, Cubling had it bad when she was 14 months. She had a decent temperature for 3 days, then 10 days of the pox, to the books. Now, she had a few hours of a raised temperature, loss of appetite, mouth ulcers, sore throat, and just as she was getting better and I could get more than 20 mins of sleep at a time (and boy was I needing it), those spots appear. Call it deja vu. I've also already visited 2 people with 4 kids, who've all not had the pox, and feel incredibly guilty now that I'm not so sure anymore that it's definitely not what I didn't think it was a year and a half ago. Nevermind having taken Cubling to the childminder in spite of her illness (because I'm having the three most important work weeks of the year right now and really can't afford to stay at home) and probably infecting the other 5 kids.


I so hope I'm right this time and it's not the chicken pox. If it is, can someone please clone me for two weeks?


Mwa said...

It can come back if they didn't get it early. Don't worry about the other kids - everyone should get it when they're small. Good luck with the sick kid dance.

cartside said...

Mwa, it wasn't the chickenpox after all, just some rash looking like the start of them. Phew. Deep breathing.



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