Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time to watch and listen

We had one amazing weekend with Cubling. At the end of it I'm exhausted as well as anxious about the week ahead, yet it was so worth it. I'm anxious because Cubling will be starting nursery and I have no idea how she will settle. She is a confident and inquisitive child, yet not comfortable with strangers or groups of children. And we've had a serious tummy ache and diarrhoea episode, including visit to GP and call to NHS 24 without any diagnosis, so I'm blaming it on poo anxiety issues - which makes me worry how she'll deal with it in new surroundings with new people.

For tonight though, I'll enjoy looking back on

::two cousins chasing each other full of delight through the Tramway and Hidden Gardens::

::being chased by orange hands and getting two sets of clothing covered in paint::

::making origami daffodils and failing::

::Cubling's surefooted exploration of trams, trains and buses at the Transport Museum::

::Cubling's utter delight at finding the bear and much more at Kelvingrove Museum::

::shopping in the yellow shop (aka Morrison's) and the disappointment when Cubling realised that the "purple yoghurt" (aka chocolate mousse) had not made it home::

::fishing the poo snake out of the bath (you'll be pleased we didn't take a picture this time, I think we were all a bit too scared of that monster)::

Oh there are pictures of our adventures, but sorry, too tired. Foetus doesn't fancy me sitting at the computer any longer.

Roll on big girl nursery then.


TheMadHouse said...

I am sure that nursery will be fine. I do hope so and cant wait to hear all about it

Elisa, Croatia said...

THe first time I took my daughter to nursery she didn't cry. I left and I didn't know if to feel happy because she liked the place or sad because she didn't miss me! It's good for kids to socialize with other children their own age. I will be back to see how it's going.


Mwa said...

Sigh. I wish people did more poo pictures.

MrsW said...

Ooh - I haven't been to the Transport Museum for ages, and I've always meant to keep the kids off school and get them down to Kelvingrove during the week (unless it's got quieter at weekends since it re-opoened? We were there pretty much as soon is it did and it was a squash and a squeeze!)



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