Monday, 8 February 2010

things that aren't in my job description but should be

One of the reasons I'm not blogging a lot at the moment is that I'm a rather busy bee at work. I'm planning a residential for a group of young mums and their kids - that's 12 adults and 13 children between 0 and 8. It's all happening next week and we're all rather excited. It also made me realise how rubbish my job description really is, because none of the things I'm doing at the moment ever made it into it:

- ordering food online
- creating meal plans that actually get eaten. The food, not the meal plan of course
- sourcing free or cheap car seats because mini bus / community transport companies for some reason do not have child car seats
- going to the launderette to wash piles of sleeping bags
- ringing the bells of friends to get a loan of travel cots
- browsing the net for party games that'll keep 0-25 year olds entertained

On top of all this practical stuff I had a rather philosophical day but I'm far too busy to share my deep thoughts today. Looking at the pattern of things, it may get lost in the buzz of things. Nevermind.

My happy thought for the day: Cubling does not have the chickenpox. Relax. Everything else will fall into place.


Hayley said...

Wow that sounds great! I wish our young mums group had done someting like that!

Your list of things to do sounds very like mine the week before we have a guide camp! Good luck with it :D

Mwa said...

What a beautiful job!

TheMadHouse said...

So great that cubling doesnt have chickenpox and your job sounds very rewarding.

cartside said...

Hayley, they've got to work hard for the residential ;) and you spotted it, we're going to a scout lodge!

Mwa & TheMadHouse, indeed! I'm not complaining although I'll be running and driving about like a headless chicken in the next 2 days.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Dear Cartside,

Would you mind dropping me a line with your address? Little L has outgrown her 1st Maxi-Cosi, and I think I know now who'll make most of it.

xx MM

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