Saturday, 27 February 2010

You know you're really pregnant when...

I'm definitely pregnant this time around. Funny that; I had almost no worries of another miscarriage, because:

- I felt sick as a dog from 6 weeks
- I was so tired that I would have the same sleep hours as my toddler
- I have dark blotches below my mouth
- I have very sore boobs
- I have a few other pregnancy related things that are TMI

None of which I had in the pregnancy I miscarried. So while I was moaning that I really had enough of this stupid all day sickness that made yet another holiday a misery (how do I always manage to fit the worst of 1st trimester pregnancy into a rare holiday? First honeymoon, now our first holiday as a family), I rejoiced in it being a good sign.

But really hormones, you may give me a break now. I'm officially 2nd trimester now and would like to get on with things. For example, I have a couple of hats to knit, one already very late, and lots more for this baby who will need lots of warm stuff for his/her first winter. It's no good that I collapse at 8pm until the following day. I can do the sickness, I hat this tiredness with a passion. I mean, if I can't even pick up my knitting needles, something is seriously wrong. I've been tagged in the blogosphere, and have lots of posts in my head, lots of lovely photos to share, yet no energy to do so. I'm pleased if I can even get the energy to switch on the TV (I often don't). And yes, I know that lots of people get it much worse than me. So I'm not really complaining, just saying.

I'm guessing this one must be a boy, because with Cubling, I wasn't sick or tired beyond 10 weeks.

I'm pleased to say though that this baby is a real gig goer. So far, it's bred on a diet of


as well as:

and provided we find a babysitter, this will be next taste of seriously good music:

For tonight though, my bed is calling yet again.


Emily O said...

Congratulations! Lovely news, I hope all goes well for you with your pregnancy.

Lisa said...

Are you sure it's not twins... I had exactly the same symptoms really early & found out at wk 13 that it was twins :-)

South Side Yarns said...

My sleep syndrome lasted til about 15 weeks I think. Couldn't watch telly, just came home from work and went straight to bed. I actually lost a bit of weight - just because I was too busy sleeping to eat I think lol!

Don't rush it. Try to take it easy. Do what your body tells you and sleep sleep sleep. I remember sleep ... oh it was lovely it was .... J x

TheMadHouse said...

I had two terrible pregnancies and both were boys!!

You need to sleep for a reason, your body is making a baby, just relax and rest where you can, when you have two sleep is hard to come by.

Enjoy and be well

Sandy Calico said...

Congratulations! x

make do mum said...

Mine was a gig baby too! I wonder if she could feel the vibrations?!
Glad it's going well, feeling ill can also feel quite reassuring! Will you find out the sex at the next scan?

Sarah said...

Auguri !!!!!!!

Hope the sickies and the knackered state pass soon.

Mwa said...

I'm sympathising from afar. I'm about seventeen weeks now, and I'm finally getting my energy back. I still slept for three hours during the day yesterday. I hope you get better soon!

Heather said...

oh i remember that tiredness! Get yourself plenty of rest. x

cartside said...

Emily, thank you!
Lisa, I'm sure, had two scans already and no twins. Phew on that front.
J, ok, just another 10 days then I hope... I may be very tired but I don't sleep well unfortunately.
TheMadHouse, I'm right then ;)
Sandi, thanks!
Make do Mum, it's definitely reassuring for me. Apparently they do tell the sex if they can, so we'll probably find out. I'm not bothered, hubby would like to know.
Sarah, I hope so too :)
Mwa, I'm 14 weeks tomorrow I think, so really hope it'll get better soon.
Heather, trying to, though I also need to do stuff to feel ok. Hence the gigging I suppose (knowing fair well that it won't happen after this baby is born for at least a year).

Metropolitan Mum said...

Argh, I am late. A very heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's wonderful use. Not that you are feeling crap, of course. Maybe it's a boy, who knows?
xxx Deborah

Muddling Along Mummy said...

I'm so late but CONGRATULATIONS !!! Wonderful news

I felt like rubbish in both my good pregnancies - hang on in there lovely

cartside said...

Thanks Deborah, I wonder if it may be a boy too! And I really think I'm not allowed to moan (will do it anyway), so happy about it all.

Thanks Hannah, I know feeling rotten is a good sign, esp. because I had no symptoms in the other pregnancy, so it's all worth it.



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