Thursday, 16 September 2010

There's a new kid on the block!

Introducing Tiddler, who was late, 10 days to be precise, but who shall be known as baby girl Snowflake from now on (Cubling's name choice).
In utero, she persistently practising kicks outwards, making for a long back to back labour.
Only to decide at the end to ascend rather than descend, and spite hours of mummy's pushing effort. A bit of a mind of her own already.
So about 2 hours after I'd already given up on the idea of ever birthing this baby, finally the consultant in charge agreed and she was delivered, all 3820gr and 53cm of her at 1:01am Monday morning by emergency c-section, with a massive and instant cry.

She breastfed within an hour of being born and has already started putting on weight after the initial normal drop on day four. She's a hungry lady and she has already utterly enchanted me beyond rescue. Cubling is delighted to have a baby sister, though she was wondering why there was "noch ein Baby", another baby, in my tummy. Been wondering that too. My stay in the hospital was extended by one day because of the Pope's visit to Glasgow. No, he didn't visit us in a private audience but somehow he extends his influence beyond the expected in rather mysterious ways.

Above all, we are all well and I know how lucky I am. In a different time, a different world I would not be well and neither would Snowflake. In a different bed even, a less lucky turn of events.

So I'm off to count myself so lucky, lucky lucky, and gaze at and admire my beautiful girl now.



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