Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Confession of a yarn addict

My name is Cartside and I'm a yarn addict.

That's what a 30 minute flying visit with two under 4s to The Life Craft does. It's a great place by the way to find yarns, sewing machine, felt and learn what to do with it all.

To my defence, the yarn was on sale and still on the old VAT
Still, considering my stash looks like this:

there was really no need for this. It's not as if I get a lot of knitting in at the moment. But at least it means I'm very well stocked for all those handmade things I want to make this year.
I'd better get knitting then. Must stop staring and admiring the yarn and get out the needles. (currently on the needles: squares for 100 million stitches).



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