Monday, 3 January 2011

I've adopted Baglady! Can you give her a home too?

Well, I've already blogged about my plan for 2011, and if you've read it, I have a bit of a theme going. And right up that theme/road/close/backyard (the latter an extremely witty internal joke that only some readers will get, sorry, but don't worry, it's not really that funny anyway, I'm German after all) is the Baglady ASAP (as sustainably as possible) pledge, to which Karen who writes the inspiring blog The Rubbish Diet introduced me.

What's it all about? It's quite simple really. The pledge is all about taking the Baglady ASAP pledge by giving up one thing and taking up one thing for 2011, or better even, for good. Whatever it is you give and take up, it should help towards living a little bit more sustainably. It's a great initiative, and I particularly like that it's not just about giving something up but more positively, making a positive change by taking something up.

Did I say the pledge is easy? Well, it is and it ain't. Quite a lot of the stuff that is suggested I already do: We do switch off lights in rooms that we aren't in - even Cubling is quite switched on to this now, after initial backfiring effect of her Eddie the Eco Elephant activities that she brought home from nursery, when finding out about energy sources led to her turning ON ALL energy sources. I also don't leave items on standby, buy food as local as possible, try not to use any plastic bags. I wanted to pick something that is new and additional. Oh, and doable. I mean, I'd love to not ever use my car again but with two little ones and a public transport system that could be better... it's just not something I could seriously attempt.

Here's my pledge then:
I pledge to give up buying vegetable that is sold in plastic containers. You know, those mushrooms/pears/tomato type of things. On top of that, I'll also pledge to try and not buy any plastic toys. As of tomorrow because I think I may have bought a super cool plastic telescope today, although Cubling paid for it so maybe it doesn't count.... See, it's not easy!

I pledge to take up growing more food, composting, making presents/cards instead of buying them (not every single one, but as many as possible, and I'll buy handmade before I buy mass produced). I already do some food growing and composting but plan to do more of this in 2011. 

It would be just fab if you could adopt Baglady as well and make your own pledge. Find out more here, or on the Baglady facebook page. And if you've made a pledge, please do let me know and feel free to link to your post in the comments section below.



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