Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year

In years gone by, I loved and hated Hogmanay. Often, we didn't seem to find the right party. The evenings were disappointing. Sometimes, some important friends were missing. We never seemed to get it quite right. Some hogmanays were boring. Some hogmanays were filled with grief.

This year, I'm grateful and contented.
It was lovely having some friends around earlier in the evening. And it was lovely to sip some champagne while watching rubbish TV, knitting the odd row of Cubling's winter 2011/12 cardigan and wondering when Snowflake would finally give in to sleep and give up trying to pull over the play gym.

It was great getting through to my Dad, after trying for half an hour and bridging the 2000 or so miles between us (probably more) by modern technology.

I hope you have a new year which is kind on you.



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