Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Have you seen this one?

Sometimes you come across blogs, websites and posts that are just fabulous. I've discovered a few amazing new blogs recently, but also posts which had me drop my jaw in awe. So it's high time I share some of my discoveries, because really, they're too good to miss!

Red Ted Art has a wonderful Recycled Get Crafty post where she features children's crafts with recycled materials. The post will give you inspiration for hours of crafting fun.

Minieco also has great crafty ideas for making stuff with the kids. We'll definitely have a go at the bird feeder, especially if the cold spell continues. Even thinking about it makes me feel all cosy and lovely, as it brings back memories of actually doing this as a child.

Make it and Mend it has fabulous tutorials for everyday items, great for handmade presents and beating the crunch.

If you read my plan for 2011, I mentioned I have an idea for a social enterprise. Well, looks like someone had it before me, just bigger and better. While I though to of some local upcycling business, Terracycle, based in the US are doing it big by having brigades collect rubbish and turning it into desirable products. Wow.

It's never too early to start preparing for next Christmas so let me be the first to remind you of this year's Thrifty Christmas initiative that Liz of Violet Posy has to offer. It's not just for Christmas though, you'll find lots of inspiration for handmade presents for the whole year.

One of my recent new discoveries as to blogs is Analytical Armadillo, which offers extremely well researched articles on breast feeding and related topics. There's a lot of information that I wasn't aware of, in spite of having breastfed Cubling for almost 2 years and now 3 months into breast feeding Snowflake. It's a must for being able to make informed choices about infant feeding, while advocating that every mother who wishes to breast feed has adequate support available to her.

The blog that makes me laugh out loud at the moment is I know I need to Stop Talking. My funny bone is seriously tickled by this blog so head over and enjoy.

And to finish off, I'll let you enjoy some seriously beautiful collage through the past year, you must must must have a look at this journey through the Garden Mama.

I've also updated my blogroll. The blogroll now includes 100 blogs I read, with 25 displayed according to most recent posts. I guess this is fairest and means every one of those blogs I love will come up at some point.

Have you come across a blog you love, or a post you thought was fab? Do leave a comment with a link!



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